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Mental Fitness and Resilience Transforms Leadership 

Our firm attracts Leaders & Teams "Bouncing Back" from Stressful Events....  

In a typical day 4-6 patients would cry with me in the exam room whether they came in for a sore throat, headaches or management of their chronic illness. 


High Achieving leaders were sick with body aches, anxiety, digestive issues -  some had strokes in their 30s due to the overwhelm and demands of their work roles.


Through executive coaching & training in positive intelligence we provide an "Off Ramp" from stress, anxiety and overwhelm to innovation, productivity and team cohesiveness

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Business Meeting

Mental Fitness Training

Team Building Session

Mental Fitness creates team connectedness, streamlines conflict resolution and leads to innovative problem solving in business...

Explore Team Mental Fitness Training & Coaching 

Mental Resilience Coaching

Sustained Growth Happens in Interrupting Patterns and Building New Healthy Behaviors...

Leadership Coaching in Mental Fitness 

 has proven to shift several core competencies in leaders including 

Improved stress management, self-confidence, happiness, team collaboration and conflict resolution. 

Check out some of the statistics gathered by Positive Intelligence Research

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Executive Roundtable Discussions, Breakout Room Sessions & Keynote Address Engagements

Leaders & Teams Bouncing Back from Stress Events require Transformational Insights and Solutions That WORK... book a Right Fit Discussion for your next Leadership Event 

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