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Corporate Wellness is missing KEY Ingredients...

Organizations are changing at rapid rates. Leaders and Teams are facing challenges that affect health, wellness and the business functioning in the marketplace.. 


How Do I Know? 


The Stress Strategist Firm relies on our expertise in

  • medicine as a Physician Associate in Family Medicine

  • coaching as a ICF Certified Master Coach and Trainer in Resilience

  • International training in Cuba & China with holistic mind body techniques to keep healthy and happy leaders and organizational teams thriving


The 5 Key Times Organizations and Teams reach out for our help

 - The young and health conscious 45-year-old leader has had a stroke or heart attack, and now everyone is looking around - thinking "who's next?"

- When a company sees exciting new opportunities in the marketplace but knows that they cannot give their team "ONE more THING" without them walking out En masse. 

- Your company has lost one or more leaders in the last 30 days for "greener pasture" opportunities


- The wellness initiatives your company has invested in, has cost you money due to not meeting or progressing towards the stated metrics. So, your healthcare claims costs are skyrocketing

- You realize the drained, overwhelmed and quiet quit culture of your team is starving the creativity and innovation aligned with the mission and DNA of your company

Having a Right Fit Conversation with our firm can clarify the goals and next steps to revitalize your team and organization's resilience. 

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Skill Training Workshops

  • Results: Increased Confidence, Ability to Identify Stressors, Practical Evidence Based Tools To Use and Implement Immediately, Practical Interactive Scenarios with Colleages - effective communication and language to succeed, additional support in financial services, nutrition and health system literacy 

  • Return on Investment - Mentally well and resilient team, effective communicators, team cohesion - reduced mistakes, increased customer satisfaction ( 40-60% on average in the first 90 days of implementation with The Stress Strategist)

  • Risk of Inaction- Increased Absenteeism, decreased productivity, shared 300 billion annual costs of depression from stress and burnout by organizations. 

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Wellness Retreats

  • Transform Mind, Body and Spirit with Immersive Retreat Experience.

  • Leadership, Corporate Wellness, & Women Retreats

  • Results: Participants report gaining a new story, learning strategies to transform negative and unhelpful thought patterns and confidently explore their inner genius. The bond with colleagues also supports shared accountability upon return to work. Reset and Reframe mindfulness with an interactive and stirring Retreat Experience. 

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Executive Coaching

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  • VIP Day - 8 modules in 8 hours for individual Self Development, mindset and productivity hacks, self confidence and stress resilience empowerment, implementation plan for addressing challenges and barriers.

  • Results: relationships at work and home improved, promotions, greater control of diabetes and decreased absenteeism.

  • Group Stress Reset: Interactive modular training with scenario based learning, team reflection and connecting the dots with proprietary leadership training, mindfulness techniques, training in stressful communication remedies and dealing with family member dynamics. holistic customizable coaching. Measurable objectives, debrief and follow up.  

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