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Meet Michele

Coach, Clinician, Author & Healer 
Michele Johnson MHS, PA-C aka The Stress Strategist  

As Michele Johnson, The Stress Strategist, Duke Trained Physician Associate, CEO of The Pain Free PA Consulting Firm, ICF Certified Life Coach, Positive Intelligence Mental Fitness Coach & Trainer, and International Best-Selling Author I had seen ENOUGH... 

After practicing medicine for 10 years, and noting the stress, anxiety and lack of resilience tools in the face of life challenges...A Shift was needed. 

High Achieving leaders repeatedly came in sick with body aches, anxiety, digestive issues and some with STROKE recovery in their 30s due to the overwhelm and demands of their roles. 


Through executive coaching & training in positive intelligence we provide an "Off Ramp" from stress, anxiety and overwhelm to the highway of innovation, productivity and team cohesiveness 


The Impact of these insights led to healing the stress in my own body.


Stress and the complex interplay with my health led to 21 years of daily chronic pain. Despite being a young, healthy medical professional with all the education on stress relief, I needed this Transformational Training. 


Our Stress Strategy clients gain the resilience to navigate rapid change, team dynamics and work life harmony with a simple framework that has proven effective for organizations globally.

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