Meet Michele

Coach, Clinician, Author & Healer 

Michele Johnson MHS, PA-C is a Healer with the Superpower of Listening. Her movement of Stress Care as The New Healthcare focuses on reviving Human Beings and rejecting the Human Doings culture at work. 


Chronic pain, fatigue and the impact of physical, environmental and emotional stress led Michele to the Disability office at the age of 23. Learning to Life Full Out Despite Chronic Pain has shifted that story. Becoming a Duke trained Physician Assistant traveling from Cuba to China learning holistic preventative medicine, an International Best-Selling Author, Certified Professional Life Coach and Transformative Corporate Trainer has allowed The Stress Strategist known as The Pain Free PA to transform healthcare and health-conscious organizations as well as their leadership teams.

The Stress Strategist delivers Interactive, Collaborative and Innovative strategies in mindset shifting, practical communication, customer service and self-care as a practice. 

Your team will never forget the experience. Let's talk about what solutions will work for your organization today...