Meet Michele

Coach, Clinician, Author & Healer 

Michele Johnson MHS, PA-C aka The Stress Strategist  


After 10 years of practicing medicine, Michele noted how many of her patients were exhibiting physical symptoms and syndromes as a direct result of stress, traumas and poor coping strategies in response to stressors. 


As a International Best-Selling Author, ICF Certified Life Coach trained in Positive Intelligence and Human Design modalities, Michele and her team lean on her years of unique experience to transform leaders and company culture.


The Stress Strategies leads in...  

- Strategy for Care Team models-

Fortune 500 company client - utilizing their own staff and eliminating 400k in healthcare costs (insurance costs) 

- Program design and implementation for employee retention & team building -Resulted in 40% retention of team members initially planning to exit 

- Corporate Wellness Retreats & Offsite Skills training to build stress resilience and innovative team building to enhance connectedness, emotional intelligence and growth.